The Divinities and the Spirit of the Tarot

The Tarot is a living being! It has its own intelligence, a personality you can feel every time you use the Tarot. When we take the Tarot Trumps in our hands, we do not hold an ancient document or an inanimate book. The Arcana of the Tarot are a real tool that allow us to invoke or evoke an immaterial and invisible mind. These Tarot Trumps are the visible appearance of an invisible form of consciousness, which can communicate with us by the medium of Tarot. By way of analogy, if you think of a photograph of a person, you understand that the photo is a representation of a person who is at a distance, not the person him or herself. This picture does not have a real and immediate relationship w

Discover the Ancient Secrets of the Freemasons

In Dan Brown’s novel The Lost Symbol, Freemasons are portrayed as a mysterious group of conspirators who have been secretly ruling America from its very creation. Of course, we have to remember that this is a fictional book, which uses certain elements of truth in a creative way in order to develop the storyline of the novel. Freemasonry is a very old fraternity that has members worldwide. At first glance, its secrets may seem very insignificant. Every single ritual has been published. In fact, anyone can go online and read the text of the ritual meetings or even get an outline of the "mysterious" initiations. It is true that some parts have been deleted from these public documents, such as

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