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Gods and Goddesses are commonly associated with pagan, magickal, or theurgic rituals. This is very similar to many religions, in which every follower prays to and invokes the divinity. Various processes are used to build such relationships. Many traditions make use of divine names in prayers and invocations, believing that a specifically correct pronunciation and vibration will create a connection to the divinity. There is a strong belief in the magic community that if you know how to pronounce a sacred name, its power will be drawn to you and your ritual will benefit of this divine influence. This idea is as old as Ancient Egypt. Another way to fulfill this goal is by identifying oneself wi

Foreword of the book "Rediscover the Magick of the Gods & Goddesses"

Where to start? That’s a writer’s challenge whenever asked to contribute a foreword to a new book. The Magick of the Gods is premised on the antiquity of the Western Esoteric Tradition, and of the Aurum Solis within that tradition. It’s specifically about particular magickal principles and certain techniques with elements specific to the A.S. tradition. It would be easy for someone to say, “Well, just start at the beginning.” Everything has some kind of beginning, but in a case like this, a beginning point is hard to establish in historical fact. Many of the original resources that a historian uses were lost through time and ignorance and then by the deliberate destruction of writings deemed

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