Keep it Quiet!

Secrecy has always been the fundamental cornerstone of initiatic Orders. It has also been the first requirement of any magical practice. I want to believe that there are reasons for this and that our ancestors didn’t take all these precautions without any reason. I was trained in this spirit and it became as natural as the respect of privacy. Then came Facebook! With the spread of Internet, we went from few lines of text to millions of photos and videos. All has to be seen, shared, and superficially discussed. It doesn’t matter if this is intimate, private, or public. I cannot spend more than a few minutes on Facebook without being astonished by the tendency to expose everything. Some psycho

More Magicians, More Power!

In any spiritual development, individual work is paramount. You cannot achieve any inner development without a proper individual work that takes place over a long period of time. Sporadic rituals or psychic practices are not enough if we want to really achieve something. There is no question. However, it is obvious that there are things that cannot be done alone. As a single man cannot build a pyramid, many men can. What is true on the physical level is also true on a spiritual and magical level. If you decide to perform a ritual for a specific purpose, let’s say, find a job, you relay on a few things: your knowledge of rituals, your ability to use your inner powers and the cosmic invisible

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