About Masonic "Regularity"

First of all, you must be aware of something important about Freemasonry: there are two large families of Freemasons. 1- The first "family" The first "family" of Freemasons is the largest all around the world. This is the group of Grand Lodges that are validated by the United Grand Lodge of England. They have specific requirements and landmarks that are shared by all of these Lodges and Grand Lodges. Among these rules, a few have been sources of numerous conflicts through the years. They are still applied even with some minor adaptations in some countries. They were fully published for the first time in 1856 by Dr. Albert Mackey. Among the most significant are the following: Landmark 18th:

Are the Spiritual Paths All the Same?

A common idea today is that spiritual paths are all the same. This idea most likely came from the Eastern Hindu philosophy. I like very much the representation I read forty years ago in a book written by a Yogi. In his description, all the spiritual paths can be compared to various ladders placed around the house. All of them allow people to climb to the terrace at the top of the House. This is a beautiful symbol and quite easy to understand. It made sense to me and I think I deeply connected to this belief. Years later, I began to hear around me voices claiming almost the same thing: “It doesn’t matter what ladder you take,” said these voices, “they are all the same.” It is always good to q

Build the Wall

I am sure that many people are aware of the importance of building a proper wall. Walls have been used for centuries to protect against adversaries or threats of various kinds. I am surprised that so many people still discuss the necessity of such protection! As a matter of fact, every magician, priest, or priestess, usually knows very well how to build a wall and the reason why. This is not something new, but the question often arises, and not just in politics. I like to make a distinction between magic and theurgy. Many practitioners speak about the necessity of being protected before performing any kind of spiritual or magical practice. In Western traditions, such as Hebrew and the Christ

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