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In this difficult time, I am happy to offer several free live online meetings!
This is an opportunity to support the spiritual community all around the world.

Please note that if one of the links doesn't work, just refresh the page and it will work!

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Know yourself

& be the Same!

Free Online Live Lecture
Oct. 14th 8:00 PM (PST)

“Know yourself” has become a cliché; Easy to say, difficult to do.
It could be better to explain why, how, and what the point is.
Then, we could begin to think about the consequence: Can you really change?

Image by British Library

Sources and Philosophy of 

Egyptian Freemasonry.

Online Live Lecture
Oct. 28th
Hosted by the Virtual Order Of Sapere Aude
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Believe and you will be saved!

Free Online Live Lecture
Nov. 18th 8:00 PM (PST)

“Believe and you will be saved!”
Do you really believe such statement?
Saved from what? What did you do?
Sometimes, I admire the faith of the “poor in spirit” just before it scares me.
In this lecture, I will speak about the philosophical and theological background of this affirmation. Not matter your beliefs, no matter if you are a pagan or a monotheist, it is likely the ghost of this religious dogma is twisting your perception of reality.
Now is the time to say things are they are.

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