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Grand Banquet International of the Order

Florence - Italy
Grand Hotel Villa Medici
Nov. 7, 2018
2 nights - 1 day - 1 Banquet

On November 7th, 2018, following the tradition that began during the Renaissance, the Platonist Banquet is organized in Florence in the historical Villa Medici.

The ritual will be performed in full Renaissance regalia to honor the anniversary of the birth and death of Plato. During this dinner, while drinking and enjoying Tuscany wines, attendees will participate to the seven traditional toasts and listen speeches about “Love and Beauty.” Reception of dignitaries will be performed during the dinner.

The following day, a VIP guided visit of Florence is associated to this event.


An extension of the event is offered to those who want to know more about this amazing country. A VIP guided tour of Tuscany will unveil the best organic farms and hidden secrets of famous historical places.

A discount is offered to members of the Order of the Knights of Tuscany of all countries.

Coupon code is sent to any member of the Order.

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Discover the

Grand Hotel Villa Medici

Itinerary at a Glance

Day 1 - Arrive in Florence - Night at the Grand Hotel Villa Medici

Day 2 - VIP Guided Visit of Florence - Grand Banquet International

Day 3 - End of the event or Guided Tour of Tuscany.

Coming soon: Learn more about the Guided Tour
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