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Specs: Trade Paperback | English | 264 pages | 8 x 9 IN
Pub Date: April 2018


Jean-Louis de Biasi as he explores how the profound tactile experience of using prayer beads can be used to deepen spiritual work in Qabala, Wicca, Druidry, and Hermetic traditions. With tips and techniques for choosing prayer beads as well as cleansing and consecrating them for spiritual use, The Magical Use of Prayer Beads is an ideal guide for beginners and adepts alike. Includes rituals that can be performed alone, with two people, or with a group—extending the useful applications and power beyond the more traditional approaches. This book explores unique practices for some of the most prominent Western mystery traditions, creating new paths on the journey of spirituality and magic.


by Bruce J. MacLennan

We have made beads for a very long time. The oldest discovered so far are Middle-Stone-Age pierced shells that date back 82,000 years. They were transported more than 25 miles, some as far as 125 miles, inland from the North African shore where they were collected. These were no doubt precious possessions of the spiritual and temporal leaders of their communities, and are considered some of the earliest indicators of human symbolic activity.


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The Magical Use of Prayer Beads

Wonders of the subterranean world are fascinating. Several times, I've had the opportunity to explore deep caves. In the silence and darkness of the earth, it is easier to forget the outer world. Our breathing becomes more perceptible. Simple sounds, such as drops falling regularly onto the floor, make our inner being resonate to these magic sonic waves.

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Interview about the book

1. Your books in the past have focused on specific traditions, from the Aurum Solis to the Freemasons. What inspired you to write The Magical Use of Prayer Beads, which details the use of prayer beads for any magical traditions?
Spirituality and religions have been present all along in my life. The Italian side of my family includes several Catholic clergymen... 

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I was looking forward to this book coming out and it didn't disappoint. There are instructions for creating the beaded sequences you need and more importantly why it works and how to put the rituals and prayers together in a cohesive manner. This book will change your life if you are ready for some prayer and a frame of mind that brings good returns. Truly a first IMO on a subject that is little understood.


Having never considered prayer beads for Pagan rituals, I was very pleasantly surprised how well they work, and how truly enjoyable it is to use them. The book itself is very well written, easy to understand, and has several different Pagan traditions detailed including Hermetics, Wicca, and Druidism.
My wife and I have done several of the rituals in the book, from each of these traditions, and found them very moving!
The author sells the prayer beads that go with these rituals and they are excellent! For those who like making their own, he describes them in depth. There is also an intense consecration ritual for the prayer beads in the book to really make them your own.
This is a fantastic book not only for learning how to use prayer beads, but offers new ideas and methods for a meaningful Theurgic practice. We love this book!


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 All the Prayer Beads described in the book are available on the website "Theurgia."

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