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Mysteries of the Aura

By Jean-Louis de Biasi & Patricia Bourin

See and Interact with Auras. Heighten Your Psychic Abilities. Heal Yourself and Others.

How to see, interpret & work with subtle energies

Drawing on Eastern and Western explanations of energy work, this beginner-friendly book teaches you how to see and understand auras. Jean-Louis de Biasi and Patricia Bourin share nearly forty exercises, both for solo practitioners and couples, to help you experience life as a being of light in the material world. Mysteries of the Aura takes you further than the usual study, delving into the rich history of aura work around the world and providing examples from the authors' personal and professional practices. You'll discover:

  • How aura colors and shapes affect your health

  • How the aura is connected to Kabbalah and the chakras

  • What methods improve your inner vision

  • How to heal and protect auras

  • How to modify the aura of an individual or group

  • Why the elements influence your energies

  • How to see the auras of plants and animals

Includes a foreword by Brandy Williams, author of Cord Magic

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